A UK interface for VistA

The NHS seems to have finally got around to the idea that open-source might be a good solution. It is however still struggling to come to terms with exactly what this means. There is currently only one fully open-source integrated health system with large scale implementations and that is VistA.

I recently did some work with one of the VistA implementers to build a modern, UK facing front end for VistA that complied with the Royal College of Physicians Core Clinical Headings. They did a port of the VistA database to handle UK dates, addresses and NHS numbers as a first step towards a UK version and I connected to it and built a responsive and fully operable UI.

Tony Shannon (@frectally) was responsibly for the overall design.

This was a 20 day contract and used EWD.js and Node.js to provide the front end and connections to a VistA system sitting on a cloud server somewhere. The interfaces to VistA used standard fileman calls and published API’s.

There is a new video that shows off this demonstrator here

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