Well I finally did it!

Having developed many site for other peoples systems I finally decided to put together my own public facing public service site.  One of the groups whose work I follow is nhshackdays who do a lot of free work on behalf of the NHS and bring people together to try and develop solutions to problems. Someone posted on there that they were maintaining a googledocs spreadsheet of hospitals that have public wifi to assist with a campaign for free wifi within the NHS being run on facebook and wanted a better way to maintain it. I decided that this was one for me.

I had recently put up a micro amazon server in the cloud to do some work of my own and decided that it could probably cope with hosting this along with everything else.

The first thing I needed was to get some raw NHS data so I went to Not sure why I was so disappointed but the quality of the data there is quite poor. For example, it has downloads containing a lot of information but doesn’t that data does not even identify hospitals as unique items anywhere that I could find. This is why the site still has many other things like external clinics etc. I have stripped out as many as I could that exist at the same postcode but need to spend more effort here. The Scottish version does not even seem to have most of the hospitals and 4 days later I am still waiting for a response to an email I sent them about it. I have spent quite a bit of time tidying this data up to make it presentable.

This site is just the starting point as I intend to add a lot more areas where the public can provide information about their hospitals. Probably the next item will be parking costs. Please let me know if you have ideas about how this site can be developed to provide a service.

I wanted to get this posting up quickly to coincide with the announcement about the site so will be adding to it with more technical and other information very soon. Come back to find out more but for now why not have a look at the site and if you know hospitals that provide wifi then please add the information using the form provided on the page.

ChangeLog: Added a last edited by to stop people changing details without having to enter anything into the User name field.

The site now holds parking information for some 200 Hospitals as well as the original raw wifi survey results


  1. Hi Chris, you did a great job creating this site. It is a bit disappointing that not more people have added information. I just wonder whether this is because the site itself does not actively encourage this? I’m keen to publicise further and get more input but that reassurance that you want input would help. Incidentally there are a few additions on the original Google document not yet incorporated e.g. for Bridgend. Best wishes, Malcolm

    1. Hi Malcolm,

      I am certainly keen on getting people to update the site, as you say maybe I need to actively encourage this with some design elements.
      Any help on publicising that people should be using and updating this would be much appreciated.
      There is a possibility that Which? may federate some of my data which would certainly raise awareness.
      It may be that some items from the original document got missed if they related to non-English sites as my initial load did not include Scotland, Ireland or Wales to the degree required.


      1. Thanks Chris. Marcus kindly sent me the NHS Hack day Survey data and where that gives specific hospital Wi-Fi information then I’m adding it in. the Which? idea sounds helpful! Malcolm

  2. chrisbeeleyimh · · Reply

    Nice interface- am I right in thinking that this project is not open source?

    1. Thank you but you are incorrect.
      The project is totally opensource and available on my github (borochris/aboutMyHospital)

      1. chrisbeeleyimh · ·

        Great, thanks! I did look, obviously not hard enough. Will go check it out.

  3. Hi Chris – I notice that in About My Hospital the address given for the Clatterbridge Cancer Centre NHS FT is that of one of its satellite sites – the main site is at Bebington on the Wirral – – cheers – Catherine

    1. Catherine, sorry to take so long to reply.
      The address given is supposed to be the address of the site rather than a trust.
      I see three sites
      REN21 – Clatterbridge Cancer Center Liverpool – which has the address Lower lane Liverpool
      RBL20 – Clatterbridge Hospital – which has the address Bebington, Wirral
      REN20 = The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre – same Wirral address

      The names and addresses are taken directly from NHS downloads.
      Unfortunately the lookup by hospital name is currently a simple one and does not remove things like the leading ‘THE’.
      It is something that I would like to improve when I get some time.


      1. Sorry Chris – I didn’t see the other entries. It is the Bebington site (REN20), not the Liverpool one, that has the free patient and staff WiFi.

        Best wishes


      2. It seems that one can find the REN20 only by entering the postcode – not by typing in ‘CLAT’ – which is why I missed it.



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