A 21st Century Architecture for the VA: Just Do It!

The EWD Files

I’ve been helping customers implement high-end, highly-scalable web application architectures since the mid-1990s.  If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that the key to a successful, cost-effective and maintainable architecture is to keep it simple and keep the number of moving parts to a minimum.  Oddly, that seems to not be a lesson learnt by much of the rest of the IT industry, who, in my opinion, appear to go out of their way to make web architectures as complex as possible and with a bewildering accumulation of layers and technologies.  Thankfully, many of these architectures fail to make it beyond the Powerpoint stage, but just dreaming up those Powerpoint slides seems to be good business for many.

People who know me know that I prefer to get on with stuff and do it, rather than just pontificating and talking about it, and that’s very much been my motivation for…

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