The NHS seems to have finally got around to the idea that open-source might be a good solution. It is however still struggling to come to terms with exactly what this means. There is currently only one fully open-source integrated health system with large scale implementations and that is VistA. I recently did some work […]

NHS England yesterday published the details for Tech fund 2 which is supposed (amongst other things) to provide much needed money to help hospitals reduce paper and to encourage the uptake of open source solutions. That is all well and good but, due to the way the NHS is structured, this requires individual trusts to […]

Yesterday I was at an NHS meeting in Cambridge where NHS England reaffirmed their commitment to having a ‘paperLite’ NHS by 2018, although they did at least admit that it was an unlikely target to hit. This struck home with the project that I was currently working on. Is it not absolutely absurd that in […]

Well I finally did it! Having developed many site for other peoples systems I finally decided to put together my own public facing public service site.  One of the groups whose work I follow is nhshackdays who do a lot of free work on behalf of the NHS and bring people together to try […]

Calling VistA Remote Procedure Call in EWD.js.

As promised here is my presentation given at the Vista Community meeting today   and also my recent presentation at the 2013 CAMTA AGM  

Having received TWO Raspberry Pi’s for Christmas I decided to explore some of the simpler possibilities of this little machine. This post describes what I managed to achieve during the Christmas break. There isn’t anything very original here, all the steps are basically things cobbled from other sources, but hopefully it will give the reader […]

Just to be clear, I am not talking about medical professionals here. Hopefully the reason they work in healthcare is pretty obvious. This is about why would IT professionals want to work in healthcare. I need to relate this to my personal experience so need to include a bit of my history here. My background […]

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I’ve been helping customers implement high-end, highly-scalable web application architectures since the mid-1990s.  If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that the key to a successful, cost-effective and maintainable architecture is to keep it simple and keep the number of moving parts to a minimum.  Oddly, that seems to…

That’s quite a bold statement. It is designed to make people think. Is it one that I agree with? Unfortunately the answer is yes and no. They are complicated, the question really is do they need to be so? One thing that is pretty clear is that the information in a hospital system can be […]